Our Science

Evox’s mission is to build a pipeline-driven platform technology company spearheading the development of exosome therapeutics for the treatment of serious, life-threatening diseases where there are limited treatment options for patients and their families.

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What Are Exosomes?

Exosomes are increasingly seen as foundational transporters in the human body’s communication machinery and Evox’s technology development is unwaveringly focused on exploiting this natural mechanism for creating a novel form of biotherapeutics. Exosomes can transport various types of biomacromolecules – for instance, protein and nucleic acid-based therapeutics – but also various types of small molecule drugs. 

Crucially, exosomes have also been found to improve the uptake of molecules across natural barriers such as the blood-brain barrier. Evox combines the highly versatile delivery capabilities of exosomes with targeting technology and sophisticated biomolecular engineering approaches. This, together with large-scale production methodologies, puts us at the forefront of developing natural delivery capabilities of exosomes for the treatment of severe diseases.

With its roots firmly grounded in two world-renowned academic institutions – Oxford University and the Karolinska Institute – Evox is driven by a dedication to scientific excellence and to pushing the scientific frontier together with an ecosystem of academic partners and collaborators worldwide.