Evox has created a comprehensive intellectual property estate dominating the exosome therapeutics landscape. Our proprietary DeliverEX® platform enables loading of exosomes with diverse drug cargos, leverages the unique tissue targeting properties of exosomes, and supports proprietary manufacturing and purification methods for advanced exosome therapeutics.

Through partnering with leading organisations, we seek to maximise the potential of exosome therapeutics, either by solving delivery and development challenges for partners using our proprietary DeliverEX® platform or to accelerate the development of our in-house rare disease assets with the aid of outside expertise and capabilities.

Partnering discussions fall into two areas:

Platform partnering opportunities

Evox seeks partners for our DeliverEX® platform who have promising drug targets that are difficult to reach with conventional means or have drug candidates or products that could be improved through exosome engineering.

Pipeline partnering opportunities

We have a relentless commitment to progressing our rare disease programs to impact patients’ lives and we are always on the lookout for partners who can help us achieve this aim.

Research Collaborations

Having a network of strong partnerships is a cornerstone of our success. We are driven to solve challenges together with our research partners and we see technical and medical hurdles as an opportunity to transform the treatment of severe illnesses.

Evox is the leading company developing exosomes as the next generation of therapeutics. By leveraging our proprietary DeliverEX® platform, our in-house expertise, know-how, and our research and development capabilities, we are developing a range of innovative exosome therapeutics for addressing unmet needs across disease areas. By partnering with leading research organisations and foundations at the forefront of basic and clinical research, we can fully exploit the diverse potential of exosome therapeutics to the benefit of those who need new therapeutic options the most. We are looking for partners who share our desire to revolutionise medicine and want to collaborate with like-minded people and make a real change.