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Utilising the DeliverEXTM platform, Evox is developing an internal and partnered pipeline of exosome-based therapeutics for treating life-threatening rare diseases. Our pipeline of drugs leverage the exosome’s unique ability to deliver drugs to cells and tissues that are currently inaccessible by conventional means. We are advancing towards the clinic a pipeline of fast acting biologics as well as developing a pipeline of long-acting nucleic acid-based drugs. These therapeutics will have a transformative impact on the lives of patients suffering from rare diseases where there are currently few, if any, treatment options.

Evox Pipeline

With an initial focus on rare diseases, we are exploring the significant potential and versatility of exosome therapeutics in other disease areas. With a proven approach to engineering exosomes, we are exploring therapeutic possibilities where tissue targeting and loading of different drug cargoes into exosomes can have a transformative effect on hitherto untreated diseases.