Evox Founders: Dr Per Lundin | Professor Matthew Wood | Dr Samir EL Andaloussi

Evox Founders: Dr Per Lundin | Professor Matthew Wood | Dr Samir EL Andaloussi

Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific founders and advisors of Evox are world-leading exosome scientists and physicians, with expertise in all aspects from exosome biology and purification to targeted drug delivery systems and treatment of rare life-threatening diseases.


Matthew Wood, MD, PhD

Co-founder of Evox, Professor of Neuroscience in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at the University of Oxford, as well as Associate Head of the Medical Sciences Division responsible for Research. Professor Wood has a distinguished international profile and co-leads several research initiatives, with a particular focus on neuromuscular diseases.


Samir EL Andaloussi, PhD

Co-founder of Evox, Assistant Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. Assistant Professor EL Andaloussi has published extensively on exosome-mediated delivery of oligonucleotide-based agents and runs a research group focusing on furthering the understanding of exosome biology and large-scale production.


Xandra Breakefield, PhD

Professor in the Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, and geneticist at Massachusetts General Hospital, a former President of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, and a scientific founder of Exosome Diagnostics. Professor Breakefield’s research is focused on characterization of the nucleic acid content of extracellular vesicles released by brain tumor cells, including their use as biomarkers and their potential for tumor therapy. 


Bernd Giebel, PhD

Group leader at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine, University of Essen. Dr Giebel has pioneered the clinical application of mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes for the treatment of steroid-resistant graft-versus-host diseases (GVHD), and thus has considerable expertise in clinical scale production and purification of exosomes. 


Robert Langer, ScD

David H. Koch Institute Professor at MIT, named inventor on over 1,100 issued and pending patents, and one of just a few members of all four U.S. National Academies – the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine, the National Academy of Inventors, and the National Academy of Engineering. Professor Langer’s research encompasses essentially all aspects of drug delivery and he advises Evox specifically on drug delivery to the brain and the central nervous system.


Anastasia Khvorova, PhD

Professor at the RNA Therapeutics Institute, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Before joining the UMMS faculty, Professor Khvorova held leadership positions in industry, including VP of R&D and CSO of Dharmacon, Founder and Scientific Advisor of Advirna, and CSO and SVP President of RXi Pharmaceuticals. Dr Khvorova’s research is focused on developing novel approaches for understanding natural and therapeutic RNA trafficking and delivery.


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