Evox Therapeutics Feature In BioCentury Innovations Publication

Evox Therapeutics recently featured in the in the BioCentury Innovations "Exosomes in the Zone"  cover story published on 13 October 2016. 

Exosomes in the zone

Having had a slow on-ramp to recognition as more than cellular garbage bags, exosomes are gaining status as a potentially transformational technology, with utility in both diagnostics and therapeutics. But the field still has a lag time to reach full speed, as it grapples with CMC hurdles such scale-up, consistency and efficient purification. The newfound interest is underscored by growing activity in both the commercial and academic communities, despite the fact the existence of exosomes has been known for over two decades.

This year alone, more than $135 million in early stage financing was raised for exosome-based companies, and at least three deals were signed.
— Exosomes in the zone By Mark Zipkin, Staff Writer

Matthew Wood, professor of neuroscience at Oxford and a founder of Evox, said exosome diagnostics are close to being ready for prime time. “I think the underlying technologies that are required — to do with characterizing vesicles and their contents, and then determining which signals are relevant for diagnostic purposes — are essentially available.
— Matthew Wood - Evox

However, Wood thinks the exosome therapeutic space could present an even bigger investment opportunity than diagnostics.

The evidence is now emerging that when exosomes are taken up into cells they actually behave in a fundamentally different way from all of the synthetic nanotechnology: they are taken up into cells one hundredfold more efficiently than the synthetic vectors he told BioCentury.

His plan is for Evox to engineer both the protein and nucleic acid components of exosomes to serve as the therapeutic.
— Matthew Wood - Evox

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