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Mammalian Cell Culture Manager

at Evox Therapeutics

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We are seeking a highly motivated and passionate individual to support our dynamic and innovative research team in Oxford. The Mammalian Cell Culture Manager will be responsible for the day to day running of the cell culture laboratory, including performing tasks which support the research team. The successful candidate will support R&D projects across various internal platforms and pipelines using molecular biology and mammalian cell culture techniques. In addition, the successful candidate will also perform an administrative role in documenting their laboratory activities, as a proactive member of the safety committee, as well as being involved with the purchase, receipt and storage of laboratory consumables associated with cell culture and exosome production.

This position is based at the Evox Oxford Science Park facility.

Responsibilities and required skills

Reporting to the Laboratory Head the successful candidate will work in a dynamic, multidisciplinary, fast-paced environment with the exposure to the latest technologies to use exosomes as drug delivery vehicles, enabling Evox to tackle hard-to-treat rare diseases of significant unmet medical need. This position is available for an immediate start.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Culture and maintenance of multiple mammalian cell lines for screening and exosome production, with excellent aseptic technique, providing records of process and batch;
  • Processing, recording, and reporting all data generated in a precise and organised manner;
  • Day to day maintenance of the cell culture research suite and associated equipment;
  • Purchasing of laboratory & molecular biology reagents and consumables in line with the purchase order system, ensuring their continuous availability for cell-line development and exosome production;
  • Maintaining records for MSDS and COSHH items;
  • Maintaining equipment database and supporting the management of service contracts;

Other Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining records for the BSL-1 research cell culture lab facility and all associated equipment;
  • Report Safety issues to Management and present research lab facility updates to the Health and Safety Committee;
  • Provide information on the research lab facility during Audits and Inspections (Safety / Regulatory);

Experience and Skill Requirements:

Training and experience will be appropriate to specific job requirements. The following categories will be assessed in each case;

  • 3-5 years of experience working in a cell-culture lab environment and/or MSc in molecular biology;
  • Evident expertise in mammalian cell culture and use and maintenance of bioreactors;
  • Complete comfort and familiarity working within a molecular biology laboratory setting;
  • Computer literacy (including MS Word and Excel);
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal;
  • Ability to work well in a dynamic team;
  • Excellent organisational/ time management skills;


Evox offers a competitive compensation package to meet the varied personal and workplace needs of our employees. We aim to foster an inclusive, caring and stimulating culture which rewards innovation and ambition, enabling our employees to achieve success both at home and at work.

Company Background

Evox Therapeutics aims to leverage the natural delivery capabilities of exosomes – vesicular nanoparticles that shuttle various types of cargoes in vivo – with the mission to positively impact human health. By combining ground-breaking exosome technology from well- renowned Oxford University and the Karolinska Institute - the home of the Nobel Prize – we strive to develop a novel advanced therapeutic modality with the potential to enable the treatment of numerous severe diseases with currently limited options for patients and their families.

Evox has built a comprehensive technology and intellectual property platform encompassing key aspects of exosome-based nucleic acid and protein delivery technology. Coupled with targeting technology and proprietary manufacturing and purification methods, the company is set to develop transformational therapeutics across a wide range of disease areas, using an equally wide array of therapeutic modalities.

Full-time 40 hours per week

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